Terms and Conditions

1. Company Information

1.1 Company Name and Structure

All Your Cleaning LLC, a limited liability company registered in the state of Georgia.

1.2 Headquarters

1612 Pirkle Rd, Norcross, GA, United States.

1.3 Service Area

We provide our services across the entire United States.

2. Services Offered

2.1 Residential Cleaning Services

We offer the full range of typical residential cleaning services. Our cleaners will complete as much as possible within the allocated time with the equipment on hand.

2.2 Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services at the same hourly rates as our residential cleans.

2.3 Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer shampoo carpet cleaning with the Bissell Big Green commercial carpet cleaning machine, professional carpet shampoo, and stain removal solutions.

3. Booking and Scheduling

3.1 Booking Methods

Customers can book our services online, by phone, email, or text at the number displayed on our website, allyourcleaning.com.

3.2 Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • Cancellations with full refunds are allowed up to 24 hours before the scheduled clean.
  • Appointments can be rescheduled within 24 hours prior to the appointment but are not eligible for a refund.
  • Rescheduling can be done by contacting your assigned cleaner or reaching out to the number on our website.

3.3 Recurring Services

We offer recurring cleaning services, scheduled and billed like normal appointments. Payment is required before services are completed.

4. Pricing and Payments

4.1 Pricing

Service prices are available on our website. We offer block type scheduling (e.g., 2 hours, 4 hours).

4.2 Payment Methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App, and Affirm.

4.3 Payment Terms

Payment is due in advance of the job being completed.

5. Service Policies

5.1 Customer Satisfaction

While we do not offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, we take customer feedback seriously. Cleaners receiving consistent negative feedback are removed.

5.2 Limitations

We clean all areas of the home except mold-infested or hazardous areas. Customers must lock up valuables.

5.3 Damages and Breakages

We will replace items under our deductible. Claims for items over the deductible are made through our insurance.

5.4 Preparation

Please declutter areas you want cleaners to attend to, though it’s not required.

6. Employee and Contractor Policies

6.1 Staff

Our cleaning staff are W-2 employees trained through our rigorous Cleaners Academy and undergo thorough background checks.

6.2 Supplies

Cleaners bring their own supplies from our approved products list.

7. Health and Safety

7.1 Protocols

We use eco-friendly and hypoallergenic products. We require an in-person introduction for the first clean.

8. Liability and Insurance

8.1 Insurance

We have general liability insurance covering our company and cleaners employed by us.

8.2 Disclaimers

Damage outside our coverage or caused by external factors is not covered.

9. Privacy and Data Protection

9.1 Information Handling

Customer contact information is available to our back-end employees. Payment data is handled externally by Stripe and is encrypted.

9.2 Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is available at allyourcleaning.com/privacy-policy.

10. Dispute Resolution

10.1 Complaints

Send complaints to [email protected] and our primary company phone number listed on our website. We handle disputes on a case-by-case basis.

10.2 Dispute Resolution

We do not include mediation or arbitration in disputes. We hold the final say in disputes but aim to act fairly.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1 Promotions

Promotional terms and discounts are subject to change. We do not honor discounts resulting from system errors.

11.2 Additional Terms

Each clean includes one cleaner. The price for an additional cleaner is double due to payroll costs.

Contact Us

All Your Cleaning LLC
1612 Pirkle Rd
Norcross, GA, United States
Phone: 470-318-5240
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://allyourcleaning.com

Effective Date: 06/18/2024